Do you ever stalk your customers?


I've shifted any 'From the Floor' posts from my other blog to here. I figure the separation is better this way. I was going through emails and notes earlier this week and realised that I had enough questions from the floor to keep me busy for a few months or so. That made me think I should probably make more of an effort to address them as quickly as possible. I will try to update weekly. Once I've been through all of your questions, though, this blog will disappear. It would be crazy to keep it after it's served its purpose. I'm not an expert. I don't ever consider myself to be. I'd be afraid of anybody who said they were. I think, though, that I'm in a little bit of an unusual position with my role in that it allows me the freedom to play, develop and explore social media on behalf of our organisation in a way that perhaps others can't. Really, though, I'm just a dorky girl, standing in front of the interwebs, asking it to give me MOAR fandom feels. (Yes, I did just use and abuse a well known line from Notting Hill).