You are what you tweet

Often, people ask me why I don't speak - either 'at all' or 'more' - at library conferences, weekend schools or get togethers. There isn't a single answer. So I'm going to do my best to answer why I don't/won't right here.

  1. Seeing is believing - I want our organisation to be the focus, not me. I want our presence, and the quality of what we do, to attest to our integrity and to uphold our reputation
  2. I'm a background person first and foremost - I don't want the limelight, nor do I seek it. I prefer to put my head down and get the job done. It just so happens that I have a knack for being able to relate to our customers/followers via social media (probably because I'm forever a fangirl)
  3. I'm forever a fangirl - who the hell wants to listen to that kinda person blather on endlessly and enthusiastically about geekery and nerdery? (Except other fangirls/fanboys)
  4. I hate having to attend conferences - so I'm sure as hell not going to be the idiot up the front talking incessantly while knowing that there's somebody sitting out there thinking exactly what I'm thinking (which is usually, "OHMYGAWD when will this END?"). Also: I have the attention span of a dead goldfish
  5. My job title makes library people suspicious - I'm fully aware of the fact that my official title (which I never use out loud because VOLDEMORT) means that people in NZ libraries are somewhat disbelieving that it's actual work and/or that there is justification for a fulltime person doing it. Quite a few (including my family) seem to think it means I do nothing but play on Facebook all day *snorts*
  6. Bizarreballs - I find it strange that people want me to speak about social media. If you want to engage me at all, engage me in those spaces
  7. This is not a Brony Convention - I don't want to do the speaker route. I am not a My Little Pony, I don't want to do tricks and dress up (and no you can't brush my hair - *I* don't even brush my hair)

However, you can email me at any time, leave a comment on any of our blogs, DM me on Twitter or ask me on Facebook what I think about certain things, or why we do what we do (and how we do) on our work streams. I promise I'll answer.

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